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22 y/o

Show: Hiphop and R&B

Hee, I am hosting the show Hiphop and R&B with my co-host Sontje, besides that I am working in marketing especially allocated to making the picture and video content for mADE Radio. Something about myself, I love to do goofy stuff and listen to entertaining music. My love for music started when I was really young and dancing half naked every single night to kid songs. But, after that I played the piano and liked pretty much everything with a decent rhythm. my love for hiphop and r&b started when my dad took me to the opposites for my 14th birthday, since then I was obsessed with lyrics, influential and different perspectives on the world. I find the rap culture very inspiring and I want to share with the world all these wonderful sounds. So tune in to Hiphop and R&B for your dose of goofing off, good, but especially new music in a genre u might not explore yourself.