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22 y/o

Show: The Noobs

Hellooooo! My name is Milou and i am the Disney Queen of this radiocrew.
Disney songs are my favorite songs ever, so you can expect some Disneyshows this couple weeks.
Every week you gonna hear Lydia, Rebeca and me in the show The Noobs, which is very fun show.
I am a very awkward, clumpsy, enthousiastic, crazy, and fun person, and when you listening to me you’ll feel this energy in a couple minutes! My style in music is very divided, but I like in particular songs where I can sing-a-long because I like singing (what does not sounds very good haha). So slow songs are not my thing, except when i can sing as loud as possible with it. You will hear me every week, expect a lot of magic, happines and love… just like a Disney movie;)