DJ Mick

21 y/o

Show: Fit Girls Unite


Whut’s guud, I am the host of the show “Fit Girls Unite” and next to that I am part of the marketing team for mADE Radio. Fit girls unite, it may be a little odd but this name perfectly fits the theme and vibe of the show. Of course, since I am a male, the Fit Girl part is a bit of a joke and with this we try to imply that, even though we will be talking a lot about serious fitness and sports situations, the show itself will also have some lightweight fun stuff in between.
I consider working at mADE Radio as the perfect way to combine two hobbies I feel very passionate about, exercising and music, and turn them into something meaningful for my career at the NHTV.
What can you expect from the show? You can expect a mix of highly motivational music and speeches, interesting sports talk as well as tips for the best results, and a lot of fun in between all of this.
Please enjoy the show and if you have any remarks, please feel free to contact me.

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