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18 y/o
Show: Quality Time
“Waaassssuuuuppp”, yeah that’s right bringing it back. “It never died!” you say, true that. My name is Luca  and I’m a DJ of the Quality Time show. If you love bringing classics back to now, then you should most certainly listen to our Radio show on mADE Radio. With throwbacks every week, you will have that “AAAAAAHHH, No he didn’t” feeling every week. If you are like “This Man knows what he’s talking about!” then tune in! Hear ya later (hear what I did there (OOPS I did it again (that was a damn subtle throwback))”. Attention: All bad puns are intended.
I love music cuz, “Music was my first love; and it will be my last”. “For those about to Rock” Tune in to Quality Time on Made Radio