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Kjelwyn van Houten

18 y/o

Show: mADE in the Morning!

What’s up, my name is Kjelwyn van Houten and I am hosting the morning show at mADE. As a young boy I already listened a lot to the radio and slowly it became a dream to become a radio dj. I’m working hard to achieve the ultimate goal for me: having an own show on 3FM.

Until that moment, together with David Ramsteijn it is my task to keep you going in the early hours. We’ll do that by making some semi-energetic radio with some tracks you really want to hear in the morning. We wake people up, have a special guest every Tuesday and are hosting the NHTV Big 5: The list with the best music according to NHTV Students. So, go grab a coffee and tune in.

Listen to mADE in the Morning! Every Tuesday from 10-11am (CET) on mADE Radio.